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01. How can I trust the physician who will treat me?

We only work with the best board-certified physicians. They are subjected to a very strict selection process based on extensive background checks. Also the patient is welcome to review the profile of the physician.

02. How to contact the doctor, or hospital?

Simply, we will do it for you. All you have to do is to speak to one of our case managers, and don’t worry because all of our case managers are highly trained. Our agent will tell you exactly what are the required documents you need to send, and will get back to you with the doctor’s reply.

03.How to send my medical documents to the treating doctor?
After speaking with one of our case managers, we will ask you to send a clear copy of your medical files by email to costumer.service@egyptintouch.com, you have to mention your full name in the subject.
04. Is a pre-consultation necessary?
According to your case, and for your own benefit a pre-consultation might be necessary, and the doctor opinion will be required before accepting your admission.
05. What kind of pre-medical examinations must I do beforehand?

Every case and treatment require a specific group of examinations, beside that some tests are required to guarantee the minimum risk during your treatment:

  • blood formula.
  • blood group.
  • Haemostasis.
  • Urea.
  • Glycaemia.
  • Hepatitis B.
  • C, HIV.
06. Do I need a Travel Insurance?

Yes, we do advise that you get a Travel Insurance for any incident that may occur during your trip (accidents, damage or loss of personal stuff, etc).

  • If you need any advice choosing a Travel Insurance Provider, it’ll be our pleasure to assist.
07. How does post-treatment care take place?

During your staying in Egypt, we will provide a well-trained nurse to take care of all your post-treatment needs, beside the follow up by your treating doctor, also we will provide you with all the medication prescribed for you.

According to your case and the treating doctor’s advice, a touristic trip or a stay in a resort will be planned for even before your travel to Egypt, and you’ll be taken care of till the end of your treatment procedures, and your departure back safely home.

08. How to get an entry Visa to Egypt, or other destinations?

Once you receive your admission approval from the hospital, you’ll get an invitation letter that will help you to get the Visa from the destination’s embassy.

We’ll gladly give you all the information needed, and follow up with you on every step to be sure that you’ll be able to travel as soon as possible.

09. What happens if I do not speak Arabic?

Language is not a problem at all. All of our doctors speak English, also you’ll be accompanied with at least one person who speaks English. 

 If the patient speaks any other language rather than English, please mention it to our case manager to arrange the presence of a translator.

10. Do I have to book the flight and the hotel by myself?

You can surely book your flight by yourself, or by one of our trusted travel agencies, but we prefer to book the hotel for you, just to be sure that all other arrangements (transportation, nursing, etc.) will be met for your comfort. You’ll be able to choose between many hotels and apartments.

11. How long in advance to I have to book my stay?

As soon as you get your admission acceptance, please book your trip immediately. Early booking means good planning for your trip.

12. What happens if I need to postpone my trip?

You can postpone your trip for maximum 3 months, after 3 months a new admission request will be required and a new pre-examination tests also will be required.

13. What happens if I want to extend or shorten my stay?

If a patient needs to prolong his stay in Egypt due to recommendation of the medical team, we are prepared to prolong the stay without any problem, and the hotel cost per day will be exactly the same as previously arranged for prior days. If additional therapies and medicines are required, the patient will be responsible of these costs.

If the patient would like to prolong his stay in Egypt for touristic reasons, we can also help with all the logistics.

If the patient wishes to leave Egypt earlier than planned, he should be authorized by the assigned surgeon/physician. If regardless of the recommendations of our surgical team, the patient insists in leaving earlier than planned, we will not be responsible for the consequences.

14. What happens if there are complications?

If any problems arise and the treatment needs to be changed, the physician will inform you of your options so you will be able to make the best decision.

Although complications are rare, they are possible and we strive to avoid any and all complications. However, please know that we will do everything possible to eliminate the complication to the best of our ability.

If you do not find the answer to your question listed within our FAQ's, you can always contact us directly at info@egyptintouch.com